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3 Ply Paper Straws

Our Traditional Paper Straws are back in fashion because of their vibrant colours and prints, and are an Environmentally Friendly option over traditional plastic straws.

- Made from a 3 ply premium food grade kraft paper, our straws hold their shape when submersed, over some other straws which are only 2 ply or less.
- Biodegradable and compostable these straws are a great choice for our environment over a plastic straw and not only look great, but are a practical choice for the eco-friendly and health conscious venues.
- Our straws come with all relevant test data for dye levels and heavy metals.
- General uses - Eco-friendly venues, healthy eating cafes, restaurants, zoo's and all food services.

Available in carton of 2500 or bags of 250 in a variety of colours.


Clear Cocktail Straws

A short straw suitable for tumblers, short glasses and cocktails generally in the Licenced market.  General uses - Pubs, Clubs and Cocktail Bars.  

135mm x 5mm.  Clear straws in stock but available in other colours on request. Carton of 5000.


Super Smoothie Straws

Our largest diameter straw at 10mm makes the Super Smoothie Straw great for really thick drinks, smoothies and bubble tea with tapioca and is suitable for taller cups or with domed lids.

The straw has a flat cut on one end and an angle cut on the other end which also aids in the consumption of bubble tea with tapioca or really thick fruity drinks allowing the beverage
contents to be drawn up effectively from the bottom.

Green and transparent stripe.  235mm x 10mm bore. Carton of 1000 or packet of 100.


Plastic Spoon Straw

A 6mm Straw with a spoon at one end, suitable for slushies and frozen ice drinks, which can be slurped or spooned from the cup.  207mm x 6mm bore. Pink or green - other colours available on request.  Carton 2500 or packets of 2500.


Jumbo Straws

The larger 6mm diameter jumbo plastic straw ensures easy consumption of thicker drinks such as smoothies or thick shakes.  205mm x 6mm bore.  Clear or yellow.  Other colours available on request.  Carton of 3000


Clear Straws

Regular clear plastic drinking straw.  Carton of 5000


Black Plastic Straws

Regular black straws.  Many other colours available on request.  

205mm x 5mm.  Cartons of 2000 or 5000.


Straw Dispenser - Jumbo

Suitable for jumbo sized straws.  Stainless steel construction.  Dispenses straws with an easy finger touch release mechanism.


Straw Dispenser - Long

Suitable for regular sized straws.  Stainless steel construction.  Dispenses straws with an easy finger touch release mechanism.  Code: AUSDREG


Straw Dispenser - Lift Top

Suitable for regular or jumbo straws.  Stainless steel construction.  Lift lid to dispense straws.  Code AUSDLIFT


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